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Office of the Attorney General

Office of the Attorney General
102 State Capitol, St. Paul, MN 55155
Phone: (651) 296-6196
Fax: (651) 297-4193
TTY: (651) 297-7206
Attorney General Lori Swanson

Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 8; Minnesota Rules, Chapters 2000-2009

THE ATTORNEY GENERAL IS THE CHIEF LEGAL OFFICER for the state and is the legal advisor to the governor and all the constitutional officers. Her duties arise from the constitution, state statutes and common law. Every board, commission and agency of the state receives its legal counsel and representation from the attorney general.

The attorney general provides legal assistance to local officials, such as county attorneys and sheriffs, in their efforts to enforce laws, and the Public Protection Division prosecutes difficult or complex criminal cases at the request of local prosecutors, especially serious crimes against people. She represents and advocates for consumers in areas of consumer protection, charities oversight, antitrust enforcement and utilities regulation.

In these areas the attorney general has focused on privacy issues, protecting the public from unscrupulous businesses, combating scams and fraud targeted at senior citizens, and combating telemarketing fraud.

The attorney general is also a member of the State Executive Council, the State Board of Investment, the Pardon Board and the Land Exchange Board. The attorney general, deputy attorneys general, solicitor general, and assistant attorneys general must file statements of economic interest with the Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board.

Attorney General’s Staff
The attorney general’s staff is headed by:
- Solicitor General: Al Gilbert
- Deputies Attorney General: Steven Gunn, Ann Kinsella, Karen Olson, David Voigt
- Director of Administration: Rebecca Spartz
- Director of Communications and Legislative Affairs: Brian Bergson.

Other staff include attorneys, legal assistants and support staff in the following divisions:

Appellate Division
(651) 297-2040, Peter Marker, assistant attorney general, division manager. This division handles criminal appeals before the Minnesota Supreme Court and Minnesota Court of Appeals for 83 of Minnesota’s 87 counties. The division seeks to uphold convictions properly obtained and also to shape and develop criminal case law to enhance the protection of Minnesota citizens.

Charities Division
(651) 296-9412, Ann Bloodhart, assistant attorney general, division manager. The Charities Division maintains a registry of approximately 8,000 charities, charitable trusts and professional fundraisers. Each registered organization is required to file registration information and financial statements for its most recently completed fiscal year. This information is available to the public in hard copy or in computerized format.

The division investigates and takes legal action against fraudulent and charitable solicitation campaigns, improper administration or use of charitable assets, and mismanagement and breaches of fiduciary duty by directors and trustees. The division receives notice of litigation involving charitable organizations and trusts, including probate court litigation, and may intervene in these actions. The division also supervises the dissolution of nonprofit corporations holding charitable assets.

Torts / Employment Law Division
(651) 282-5700, P. Kenneth Kohnstamm, assistant attorney general, division manager. Attorneys in the Civil Litigation Division defend lawsuits challenging the validity of state statutes and actions of state officials on constitutional grounds, represent judges and other members of the state judiciary, and assist other divisions of the attorney general’s office in litigation matters. This division also defends state agencies and state employees against all claims for personal injury, property damage, and wrongful death. The division handles litigation involving highway crash cases, persons injured in state correctional facilities and regional treatment centers, and accidents occurring in state parks. The Civil Litigation Division represents the Minnesota Department of Employee Relations and is responsible for defending employment-related lawsuits brought against the State of Minnesota, its state agencies and the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities. The division also provides legal advice to the Public Utilities Commission.

Consumer Services Division
(651) 296-3353, Chuck Ferguson, division manager. This division assists Minnesota citizens with a variety of consumer problems. It also answers questions and provides educational information to help consumers enforce their own rights and to prevent them from becoming victims of fraudulent conduct. the division performs these functions in a broad range of consumer-related matters, including telemarketing scams, landlord/tenant disputes, automobile disputes, and the like.

Environmental Protection Division
(651) 297-1075, Carla Heyl, assistant attorney general, division manager. This division provides legal assistance and representation to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, the Office of environmental Assistance, and the Environmental Quality Board. Advice and representation is provided with respect to, among other things, the enforcement of statutes and regulations protecting the water, air and land from pollution. The division also represents the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency in federal and state rulemaking, contested case hearings, and all judicial proceedings.

Health and Antitrust Division
(651) 296-9412, Kristen Olsen, assistant attorney general, division manager. This division represents the Department of Health, which is responsible for the enforcement of certain state health laws. Responsibilities include regulation of health care facilities, asbestos contractors, health maintenance organizations (HMOs), and restaurants; handling public health aspects of communicable diseases; and dealing with public health aspects of environmental concerns related to such matters as protection of the state’s drinking water. The division also enforces state and federal antitrust laws within the State of Minnesota. By enforcing the antitrust laws, the division helps consumers, business and government obtain the best possible environment in which to purchase goods and compete. The division also actively monitors mergers and acquisitions that may affect consumers and businesses within the State of Minnesota.

Health Licensing Division
(651) 296-7575, Tiernee Murphy, assistant attorney general, division manager. This division represents 18 boards that license and discipline health care professionals such as doctors, dentists, nurses, and social workers. The division represents the boards in disciplinary proceedings against licensees and in contested cases before the Office of Administrative Hearings. Attorneys also seek injunctive relief on behalf of the boards against individuals who practice without a license. Complaints against a licensed professional should be filed directly with the board licensing the individual.

Health Licensing Investigation Division
(651) 296-7575, Hollice Allen, division manager. Investigators in this division investigate complaints filed with the state licensing boards governing health professionals such as doctors, nurses, dentists, social workers, and psychologists. The division works closely with the licensing boards and with the office’s licensing division.

Labor / Corrections / Human Rights Division
(651) 297-1075, Kelly Kemp, assistant attorney general, division manager. This division represents the departments of Human Rights, Labor and Industry, Economic Security, Corrections and Veteran’s Affairs as well as the Bureau of Mediation Services, the Public Employee Retirement Association, Minnesota State Retirement System, Teacher’s Retirement Association, Veteran’s Home Board, and the Health Benefits Division of the Department of Employee Relations.

On behalf of its client agencies, the division provides advice and handles litigation on a variety of issues before agencies, the Office of Administrative Hearings, and the courts. Its major human rights activity, through negotiation, mediation, and litigation, is handling of cases where the Department of Human Rights has determined that illegal discriminatory conduct has occurred. Its two major activities on behalf of the Department of Labor and Industry are litigating workplace safety and health violations and defending the Special Compensation Fund from unwarranted workers’ compensation claims.

Human Services Division
(651) 297-1075, Frank Ling, assistant attorney general, division manager. This division provides legal assistance and representation to the Department of Human Services. Division attorneys provide advice and representation on a wide range of issues including income assistance programs (AFDC, GA refugee assistance, child support), social services for children and adults (maltreatment, foster care, adoption), and licensing of day and residential treatment programs. The division also represents several regional treatment centers that provide residential and treatment services to persons who are judicially committed as mentally ill, developmentally disabled, psychopathic personalities, and chemically dependent.

Medicaid Fraud Division
(651) 296-9412, Deborah Peterson, assistant attorney general, division manager. This division brings criminal and civil suits against medical service providers who submit fraudulent claims for reimbursement to the state, including doctors, dentists, pharmacists, nursing homes, clinics, and ambulance services. Responsibilities include investigating and prosecuting patient neglect and abuse allegations at Medicaid-funded facilities and investigating and prosecuting the misuse of patient trust accounts at facilities that receive Medicaid funds.

Public Finance/ Natural Resources Division
(651) 297-2040, Christie B. Eller, assistant attorney general, division manager. This division represents the Departments of Finance, Administration, and Employment and Economic Development as well as other state boards, agencies and departments that deal with financial matters, including the State Board of Investment, Housing Finance Agency, Iron Range Resources Agency, Public Facilities Authority, Agricultural and Economic Development Board and Rural Finance Authority. In addition, the division represents numerous other state boards such as the Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board, the Client Security Board, and the Board of Teaching.

Natural Resources division provides legal assistance and representation to the Department of Natural Resources, Department of Agriculture, the Board of Water and Soil Resources, the Board of Animal Health, the State Archaeologist, the Indian Affairs Council, and other related agencies. Advice is provided with respect to laws protecting Minnesota’s natural resources, including its waters, forests, and wildlife.

In addition, the division provides advice and representation to the Minnesota Department of Commerce, which regulates the areas of banking, insurance, securities and real estate, among others. The principal work of the division involves representing the Commerce Department in litigation involving matters such as securities and real estate fraud, defense of constitutional challenges to client agency legislation, and disciplinary cases against persons licensed by client agencies.

Public Safety/Gambling Division
(651) 297-2040, Jeff Lebowski, assistant attorney general, division manager. This division provides legal services to the Department of Public Safety, including the State Patrol, Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, Driver and Vehicle Services, Emergency Management and the Office of Pipeline Safety. Staff attorneys prosecute violations of the state’s implied consent laws and other drivers’ license revocation cases throughout the state. In addition, the division represents other clients, including the Minnesota Racing Commission, the Gambling Control Board, Private Detectives Board, the Crime victims Reparations Board, and the State Patrol.

Residential Utilities Division
(651) 297-1075, Jessica Palmer-Denig, assistant attorney general, division manager. This division acts as an advocate for residential and small business customers of utilities’ services and products in state proceedings. The division assists residential and small business customers with specific questions or problems regarding their utility service. Division staff are available to assist customers in disputes with utilities on issues such as unauthorized charges, service problems, and disconnections. For assistance on utility matters, contact the Residential and Small Business Utility Division at 900 Bremer Tower, 445 Minnesota Street, St. Paul, MN 55101.

Tax Litigation / Education Division
(651) 296-3421, Tamar Gronvall, assistant attorney general, division manager. This division handles all litigation for the Department of Revenue. Staff attorneys provide legal aid in the administration and collection of state taxes, including income, sales, inheritance, gift, occupation, gross earnings, deed, petroleum, and tobacco taxes.

Telecommunications and Energy Division
(651) 296-7575, Julia Anderson, assistant attorney general, division manager. This division litigates on behalf of the Department of Commerce in the areas of telecommunications and energy law. The department is responsible for the regulation of most of Minnesota’s telephone, gas and electric utilities, and is the decision-maker for energy conservation programs throughout the state. Division attorneys represent the department before the Public Utilities Commission, federal regulatory agencies, and state and federal courts. The division also provides legal representation, primarily in the consumer protection area, to the Weights and Measures Division of the Department of Commerce. The division advises the Department of Commerce on a wide range of energy and utility law issues.

Public Protection Division
(651) 297-2040, Matthew Frank, assistant attorney general, division manager. This division prosecutes serious crimes in trial courts throughout Minnesota and handles psychopathic personality or sexually dangerous person commitments when requested by a county attorney under Minnesota Statutes 8.01. The division also provides legal advice and prosecution support to the Minnesota Gang Strike Force and prosecutes white collar and drug offenses.

Attorneys General since Statehood:
For more detailed information, visit the Legislative Reference Library website:

Name P.O. address Assumed office
Charles H. Berry Mankato May 24, 1858
Gordon E. Cole Faribault January 4, 1860
William Colville Lake City January 8, 1966
F.R.E. Cornell Minneapolis January 10, 1868
George P. Wilson Winona January 9, 1874
Charles M. Start Rochester January 10, 1880
W.J. Hahn Minneapolis March 11, 1881
Moses E. Clapp Fergus Falls January 5, 1887
H.W. Childs Wadena January 2, 1893
W.B. Douglas Moorhead January 2, 1899
W.J. Donahower St. Paul April 1, 1904
Edward T. Young Appleton January 2, 1905
George T. Simpson Winona January 4, 1909
Lyndon A. Smith Montevideo January 1, 1912
Clifford L. Hilton Fergus Falls March 9, 1918
Albert F. Pratt Anoka December 21, 1927
G.A. Youngquist Crookston February 2, 1928
Henry N. Benson St. Peter November 20, 1929
Harry H. Peterson St. Paul January 3, 1933
William S. Ervin Minneapolis December 15, 1936
J.A.A. Burnquist Minneapolis January 2, 1939
Miles Lord Minneapolis January 3, 1955
Walter F. Mondale Minneapolis May 4, 1960
Robert W. Mattson Minneapolis December 30, 1964
Douglas M. Head Minneapolis January 2, 1967
Warren Spannaus Minneapolis January 4, 1971
Hubert H. Humphrey III New Hope January 3, 1983
Mike Hatch Burnsville January 4, 1999
Lori Swanson January 2, 2007 Most popular 3 2

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