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Florida Corruption Clerk Disappears Evidence For State

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MN Judicial Branch Special Redistricting Panel Update

MN Judicial Branch Special Redistricting Panel U

Three party submissions have been added to the Special Redistricting Panel page.

In addition, information about viewing or requesting electronic copies of the public submissions has been posted. It is as follows:

Public Submissions in Case #A11-152

Public submissions made pursuant to the Special Redistricting Panel Amended Order Setting Public Hearing Schedule dated September 13, 2011, are available in electronic format by emailing

. Please note that there are 21 separate PDF files ranging in size from less than 1MB to almost 10MB. Because of the various size limits of email boxes, there will be no attempt made to confirm receipt. Requestors should consider their email size limits when making a request for electronic copies. Electronic files will be sent in 21 separate emails.

A set of public submissions is also available in the Minnesota State Law Library at the Circulation Desk for review upon request. The set of submissions may not be removed from the library. The Minnesota State Law Library is open from Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The library is located on the ground floor of the Minnesota Judicial Center at 25 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King. Jr. Blvd., Saint Paul, MN 55155. Map and directions can be found


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MN Judicial Branch


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JURIST - Paper Chase: Wisconsin AG sues judge, calls for state Supreme Court intervention

JURIST - Paper Chase: Wisconsin AG sues judge, calls for state Supreme Court intervention Wisconsin AG sues judge, calls for state Supreme Court intervention Drew Singer at 2:17 PM ET

Photo source or description
[JURIST] Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen [official website] on Thursday filed a filed a Petition for Supervisory Writ [text, PDF] directly to the state Supreme Court over a circuit court judge's temporary blocking [JURIST report] of a controversial bill that limits the rights of public employee unions. The suit claims that Dane County Circuit Court [official website] Judge Maryann Sumi did not have the constitutional authority to block the publication of the Budget Repair Bill [Senate Bill 11 text, PDF]. It then asks the Wisconsin Supreme Court [official website] to immediately take jurisdiction of the case and dismiss it. A Petition for Supervisory Writ is not a direct appeal of any lower court decision, but rather a procedure that starts a new action altogether [Wis. Stat. 809.70 text] because the petitioner claims a judge violated his or her constitutional authority.

Last month, Sumi issued an order [JURIST report] clarifying that the temporary restraining order issued March 18 prohibits not only publication of the bill, but implementation of its provisions as well. Sumi's order was issued in response to debate among government officials [JURIST report] that the law went into effect after it was published on the Wisconsin Legislative Bureau's website. The lawsuit [complaint, PDF] over the bill alleges that Republican lawmakers did not follow the state's open meetings law [text], a rule requiring 24 hours notice—or two hours if there is an emergency—before a public meeting. District Attorney Ismael Ozanne [official website] filed the complaint [JURIST report] in an attempt to invalidate the law, which strips public unions of the vast majority of their collective bargaining right.

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SharonScarrellaAnderson aka Peterson Campaigns

Its more fun getting there than being there

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Anderson, Sharon
NameSharon Anderson
St. Paul, Minnesota , United States
DiedStill Living
ContributorThe Oncoming Storm
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Aug 22, 2006 08:17am
InfoSharon is a registered Gun Owner and
believes in the 2nd Constitutional Amendment of the "Right to Bear Arms"



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08/10/2010MN Attorney General - R PrimaryLost 45.97% (-8.05%)
09/15/2009St. Paul Mayor - PrimaryLost 3.87% (-63.92%)
09/09/2008MN State House 64A - R PrimaryLost 25.10% (-49.80%)
09/11/2007St. Paul City Council - Ward 2 - PrimaryLost 3.19% (-46.73%)
09/07/2006MN Attorney General - R PrimaryLost 42.00% (-16.01%)
09/13/2005St. Paul Mayor - PrimaryLost 0.86% (-50.95%)
09/09/2003St. Paul City Council - Ward 2 - PrimaryLost 1.41% (-27.44%)
09/10/2002MN Attorney General - R PrimaryLost 31.19% (-37.62%)
09/11/2001St. Paul Mayor- PrimaryLost 0.64% (-29.72%)
09/12/2000MN State Senate 64 - R PrimaryLost 24.57% (-50.86%)
09/09/1997St. Paul Mayor - PrimaryLost 1.30% (-53.55%)
09/10/1996MN State Senate 64 - R PrimaryLost 17.63% (-64.74%)
09/12/1995St. Paul City Council - Ward 2 - PrimaryLost 7.22% (-56.08%)
11/08/1994MN Attorney GeneralLost 29.20% (-37.43%)
09/13/1994MN Attorney General - R PrimaryWon 40.01% (+5.56%)
09/14/1993St. Paul Mayor - PrimaryLost 0.43% (-28.22%)
09/15/1992MN House Seat 64A - R PrimaryLost 35.23% (-29.55%)
07/01/1992US President - R PrimariesLost 0.00% (-72.84%)
09/11/1990MN Attorney General - R PrimaryLost 17.14% (-29.92%)
09/12/1989St. Paul Mayor - PrimaryLost 1.08% (-44.16%)
09/13/1988MN US Senate- R PrimaryLost 4.54% (-88.93%)
09/09/1986MN Attorney General - R PrimaryLost 43.85% (-12.29%)
09/12/1978MN US Senate - Special D PrimaryLost 3.00% (-45.03%)

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Health Care Ruled Unconstitutional Judge Vinson


By Hadley Heath

The 26 plaintiff states in Florida v. Department of Health and Human Services got a favorable ruling today from Judge Roger Vinson in the Northern District of Florida.

Vinson has ruled that the "individual mandate" is unconstitutional and cannot be severed from the rest of the law. Therefore, his ruling states that the entire health care law should be struck down.

There's no doubt that this ruling will be challenged by the federal government. This ruling, along with Henry Hudson's ruling in the Virginia case, have garnered great attention because they involve states as plaintiffs, and they have both favored the states. Today's ruling goes further, however, because it states that the entire law should be struck down. I've written before about how the lack of a "Severability Clause" was a severe mistake for ObamaCare.

View Judge Vinson's 78-page ruling.

Reactions from legal scholars are coming in. Here's what they have to say:

Ilya Shapiro, Senior Fellow in Constitutional Studies at the Cato Institute, Editor-in-Chief of the Cato Supreme Court Review:

Today's ruling vindicates the constitutional first principle that ours is a government of delegated, enumerated, and therefore limited powers. Like Judge Hudson in the Virginia case, Judge Vinson recognized that the individual mandate represents an unprecedented and improper incursion beyond those powers: the federal government, under the guise of regulating commerce, cannot require that people engage in economic activity.

And this is as it should be: if the only limit on congressional power were Congress's own assessment of the wisdom of each assertion of such power, the Constitution would be obsolete -- as would any conception of checks and balances. James Madison, the author of the Federalist Paper (51) explaining how man's non-angelic nature requires explicit limits on those who govern, would spin in his grave. As even would Alexander Hamilton -- perhaps the Framer most favorably disposed to strong central power -- who cautioned that courts should not be in the business of evaluating the "more or less necessity" of a piece of legislation but rather define judicially administrable rules to guide (but also limit) Congress's actions.

And so today's ruling, in a lawsuit that now has 26 states as plaintiffs -- with two others challenging the health care "reform" separately -- represents the latest and most significant victory for federalism and individual liberty. This will not end until the Supreme Court has its say, but the tide is clearly running in freedom's favor.

Ilya Somin, Associate Professor of Law, George Mason University School of Law:

Today's ruling underscores the weaknesses in the constitutional justifications offered for the individual mandate. Quite simply, the mandate cannot be upheld without giving Congress a blank check to force Americans to purchase virtually anything it wants.

It is also noteworthy that this suit includes 26 state governments challenging the constitutionality of the mandate. In all, 28 states are involved in litigation against it. This is the first time in American history that so many states have challenged the constitutionality of an important federal law.

Stephen B. Presser, Professor of Legal History, Northwestern University School of Law:

It is surely significant that more than half the states had joined in this lawsuit, believing that the federal government, in passing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, went far beyond what the Constitution permits. With Judge Vinson's clear determination that ours is still a federal government of limited and enumerated powers, those states are vindicated, as are those of us who have spent our professional careers believing in the rule of law and believing that the Constitution is not an infinitely plastic document. James Madison and the other framers who believed in a delicate balance between state and federal sovereignty, and who recognized the dangers of overweening centralized power have had their legacy renewed by this courageous, sensible, and honest jurist

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Garcia v.MetroGangStrikeForce_09-cv-01995(JNE.AJB)

1Feb2011 Separation of Powers Jurisdiction/Authority

Notice of Proposed Class Action Settlement
and Release of Claims
for Garcia, et al v. Metro Gang Strike Force, et al
Case No. 09-CV-01996 (JNE/AJB)0ffa5

Is the System Working re: Judiciary: tys to Gang Strike Force Relator's Charge v.

If you have questions about your eligibility please feel free to contact Class Counsel at
1-866-211-0079 or by email at

To the Above Named: Robert Hopper lawyer 4 Claim's et al:

Legal Notice: Cop Corruption must not be tolerated: Minnesota is a Sanctuary State, City St.Paul,County of Ramsey. Affiant Sharon Scarrella Anderson is in a protected class via Disability,Senior,Soverign HomeGrown Mora MN, Candidate 1982 up to 2010 MN AG. THEREFORE HAS FILED NUMEROUS DOCUMENTS VIA WEB,FACEBOOK,TWITTER,BLOGS,WORD,PDF FORMAT. Even tho Settlement the Issue of Cops RICO Enterprise has NOT BEEN ADDRESSED

Cop- Corruption-Minnesota: Notice: Ins.Claim Stolen 91 Chrysler V ...

Apr 25, 2007 ... Sharon4Anderson (Sharon4Anderson) on Twitter ... Therefore Met Life must pursue Theft of Sharons Car, Aitkin Homeowners ie: ... 56431 PO no.3665031560 5-15-07 to 11-15-07 runs to 1991 Chrysler Vin 1C4GY54R5MX597169 Agent ... - Cached

Notice: Ins.Claim Stolen 91 Chrysler V-1C4GY54R5MX597169 Proof

I received your email. Jason P. Johnston Attorney Zimmerman Reed, PLLP 651 Nicollet Mall, Suite 501, Minneapolis, MN 55402 Tel 612.341.0400 Fax 612.341.0844

From: []
Sent: Thursday, January 27, 2011 5:56 PM
To: Jason Johnston
Subject: Check out St.Paul Police(RICO)
Click here: St.Paul Police(RICO) AttorneyProSe_Private AG, ECF:165913 Pacer:sa1299 Tel: 651-776-5835


As of February 4, 2011, our New Address will be:

Zimmerman Reed PLLP
1100 IDS Center, 80 South 8th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55402

This e-mail may contain information that is privileged, confidential or otherwise protected from disclosure under applicable law and is intended ONLY for particular clients, parties, or entities involved in litigation or dealings with the Zimmerman Reed, PLLP law firm. If you are not the intended recipient or have received this email in error, please notify us immediately by e-mail, discard any paper copies and delete all electronic files of the message. Any unauthorized review, use, disclosure or distribution of the e-mail or its attachment(s) is prohibited by law.

The settlement reached in Garcia et al. v. Metro Gang Strike Force, et al. is available to a defined group of individuals as set forth by the Settlement Agreement.

You may be eligible to participate in this settlement if you:

The Honorable Joan N. Ericksen United States District Court ...The Honorable Joan N. Ericksen. District Judge, District of Minnesota ... Duluth, MN 55802-1397. (218) 529-3500. United States Courthouse ... › Phone List - Cached - Similar Gallagher v. CityST.Paul MN 09-1209 8th Cir.

Haggins v. Metro Gang Strike Force

  1. were stopped, questioned, arrested, charged, frisked, detained or searched (including but not limited to persons who have had property searched or seized), or whose dwelling was searched,
  2. by a peace officer or peace officers serving on or assisting the MGSF or by a peace officer or peace officers serving on or assisting the Minnesota Gang Strike Force,
  3. in an incident where property was taken from one or more of the individuals stopped, questioned, arrested, detained or searched (or during a search and seizure of property belonging to one or more of such individuals), and

    • the property was taken without a receipt or inventory itemization, or
    • without notification to the property owner of his or her right to contest the forfeiture.

If you believe you are eligible for participation in this settlement based on the above criteria, please review the Settlement Notice and submit a completed Claim Form to Class Counsel before December 30, 2010. you have questions about your eligibility please feel free to contact Class Counsel at
1-866-211-0079 or by email at

Robert Hopper
612-341-0400 Fax 612-341-0844
David Cialkowski
Zimmerman Reed, PLLP
651 Nicollet Mall, Suite 501
Minneapolis, MN 55402

Phillip Fishman
Fishman, Binsfeld & Bahmeier, PA
8011 34th Ave. S., Suite 245 612-339-0033Fax 612-339-3240-
Bloomington, MN 55425

Alex Alvarez
The Alvarez Law Firm
355 Palermo Ave. 1-877-445-7675
Coral Gables, FL 33134

Special Master Mark Gehan

Mark W. Gehan - Collins, Buckley, Sauntry & Haugh PLLP :: A Full ...

Mark W. Gehan. Partner p 651-227-0611 f 651-227-0758 ... In 1997 and 1998, Mr. Gehan was appointed to serve as special master in the ... - Cached Defendants Lawyer: Joseph Flynn Partner Jardine,Logan,Obrien 8519 Eagle Point Blvd #100 St.Paul,MN 55042 Tel 651-290-6500 Fax 651-223-5070

AFFIANT SHARON ANDERSON RE:Gang Strike Force Settlement pursuant to penalitys of perjury herewith state and allege: to Spec. MasterMarkGehan, defendants_John Doe and MaryRoe and to Lawyers for Claimants_ QuiTam Relator including others as their interests appear.

*EQUITY, COURT OF*. A court of equity is one which administers justice,
where there are no legal rights, or legal rights, but courts of law do not
afford a complete, remedy, and where the complainant has also an equitable
right. Vide Chancery.

*"A Treatise on Suits in Chancery"*
Henry Gibson 1907, 2nd edition

Sunday, January 23, 2011 Defendants Counsel

Joseph E. Flynn « Jardine, Logan & O'Brien, P.L.L.P.

Joseph E. Flynn is a partner with Jardine, Logan & O'Brien, P.L.L.P. and is ... Named as one of Minnesota's Super Lawyers by Minnesota Law and Politics, ... - Cached

Court grants Final Approval of the Metro Gang Strike Force Settlement

On December 16, 2010, the Court granted Final Approval of the Twin Cities MN Metro Gang Strike Force Settlement. The time period for appeals have now passed. Pursuant to the Master Settlement Agreement, the final day for class members to submit a claim form to Liaison Counsel is February 2, 2011. No claims postmarked later than February 2, 2011 will be accepted into the settlement.
If you have questions about your eligibility please feel free to contact Class Counsel at
1-866-211-0079 or by email at

Settlement Notice:
For further information about this settlement and your possible eligibility please click here.

If you have already contacted Class Counsel about participating in this settlement you should be receiving a notice through first class mail after October 14, 2010. You may also download a copy of that Settlement Notice and the Claim Form from this site.

Plaintiffs named the following individuals as Defendants in their Complaint and Amended Complaint:
● Metro Gang Strike Force,
● Ron Ryan, former Metro Gang Strike Force Commander,
● Doe Officers 1-34, individually and in their official capacities,
● Other Unknown Doe Officers,
● City of West St. Paul, a municipal corporation,
● Hennepin County, a direct political subdivision of the State,
● Dakota County, a direct political subdivision of the State,
● Ramsey County, a direct political subdivision of the State,
● City of St. Paul, a municipal corporation,
● City of Minneapolis, a municipal corporation,
● Washington County, a direct political subdivision of the State,
● City of Maplewood, a municipal corporation,
● City of Lino Lakes, a municipal corporation,
● City of Brooklyn Park, a municipal corporation,
● City of Richfield, a municipal corporation,
● Metropolitan Council,
● Metro Gang Strike Force Advisory Board,
● Manila (“Bud”) Shaver, Chief of the West St. Paul Police Department,
● Ken Schilling, Inspector at the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office,
● Dave Bellows, Chief Deputy of the Dakota County Sheriff’s Office,
● Bob Fletcher, Sheriff of the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office,
● John Harrington, Chief of the St. Paul Police Department,
● Rob Allen, Deputy Chief of the Minneapolis Police Department,
● Bill Hutton, Sheriff of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office,
● Dave Thomalla, Chief of the Maplewood Police Department,
● Dave Pecchia, Chief of the Lino Lakes Police Department,
● Dave Indrehus, Chief of the Metro Transit Police Department,
● Michael Davis, Chief of the Brooklyn Park Police Department, and
● Barry Fritz, Captain of the Richfield Police Department.

Posted by

Don Mashak
The Cynical Patriot

House Session and Committee Schedule
For general information about the Minnesota House of Representatives please call 651-296-2146 or 800-657-3550 (voice) or the Minnesota Relay service at 711 or 800-627-3529 (TTY).
For an extended schedule and updates, please go to

TUESDAY, February 1, 2011 - 8:15 AM
Judiciary Policy and Finance
Room: 10 State Office Building
Chair: Rep. Steve Smith
Agenda: Agency overviews: Judicial Standards Board, Uniform Laws Commission and Public Defense Board

TUESDAY, February 1, 2011 - 8:15 AM
State Government Finance
Room: 200 State Office Building
Chair: Rep. Morrie Lanning
Agenda: Dept of Revenue overview including services provided; overview of integrated tax system and expanded tax compliance initiatives report: Commissioner Dan Salomone
Office of Legislative Auditor overview: Legislative Auditor James Nobles
TUESDAY, February 1, 2011 - 12:30 PM
Health and Human Services Finance
Room: 200 State Office Building
Chair: Rep. Jim Abeler
Agenda: Overview of Waiver Services, Association of Minnesota Counties and Minnesota Association of County Social Service Administrators
Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Audit Report, Office of Legislative Auditor
Overview of Past Human Services Audit Reports, Office of Legislative Auditor

WEDNESDAY, February 2, 2011 - 12:30 PM
Civil Law
Room: 10 State Office Building
Chair: Rep. Torrey Westrom
Agenda: HF211 (Wardlow) Unlawful or deceptive trade practice actions modified, and class action court order appeals permitted.


1. These action's herewith noticed to Minnesota and State Legislature Agenda's "must" concern a massive fraud perpetrated by Defendant's Members of Gang Strike Force acting in concort with certain Judges ie: Kathleen Gearin,Joanne Smith,Gregg Johnson,Salvador Rosas, Retired Judges Larry Cohen,Betrand Poritisky et al, Judge Maturi,Hawkins et al and certain City and County Attorneys namely John Choi _Financial and certain of its officers and affiliates against the Plaintiffs, which are victims re: Titles to Cars,Personal Propertys_ investors in
mortgage-backed securities (“MBS”) issued by various Banks and Title Companys. The Plaintiffs are
institutional investors that wanted conservative, low-risk car loans, mortgages and thus bought
that were represented to be backed by personal property and mortgages issued
pursuant to specific underwriting guidelines and rated investment-grade (primarily AAA). In
purchasing the Certificates, the Plaintiffs and their investment managers relied on term sheets

prospectuses and other materials prepared by and provided to them by the Defendants, which
by and thro Cop Corruption_ illegal Tickets, Bogus Warrants, Jailings without "due proces" warrants, notification or Court Orders made representations about the Sharon Scarrella Anderson purportedly conservative mortgage, Title Insurance, Car Insurance which ran to Title of Propertys,
underwriting standards, the appraisals of the Cars,Trailers, and other mortgaged properties, the mortgages’ loan-to-value
(“LTV”) ratios, and other facts that were material to Plaintiffs’ investment decisions. Plaintiffs
and their investment managers also relied on Defendants’ public statements concerning the
Defendants’ adherence to prudent underwriting guidelines and careful credit
analysis. These representations by Defendants were recklessly or knowingly false when made.
In reality,the St.Paul Police Impound Lot is/ was an enterprise driven by only one purpose – to originate and
securitize as many Car/Truck/Trailers Titles whether loaned or not as possible into MBS to generate profits for the Gang Strike Force and Defendant Cops_ Met Council et al.
Defendants, without regard to the investors that relied on the critical, false information provided
to them with respect to the related Titles to Cars,Trucks,Trailers and Title Insurance's,Titles to Property etc.

St.Paul Police(RICO)Trespass, Treason of Sharon Anderson's Car,Trailer .... Address: 830 Barge Channel Rd aka St. Paul Police Impound Lot, Manager Aaron. .... by Sharon4Council: Thune-Foster 2.6mill v Police Endorsements ... - Cached - Similar

  • St.Paul Police(RICO): St.Paul Police Impound Lot-Airport-Police ...

    Sep 28, 2007 ... St.Paul Police Impound Lot-Airport-Police State MN. Whistleblowers: Sharon Anderson and Bill Dahn. request the FBI and Anoka Co. ... - Cached

  • 2. The scope of the Defendants’ fraud is reflected by, among other
    things: (i) a securities fraud action brought by the United States Securities and Exchange
    Commission (“SEC”) against three former senior executives of Countrywide Financial, in
    which the Court denied those Defendants’ motion for summary judgment and which then


    Example for Sharon Anderson Claims for the past 30 years , Federal Judge Ann Montgomery locked the door with US Attry Lonnie Bryon as Sharons 2nd Husband was committee to Brainard for 1 year. Then Murdered 21Sept2000

    3. Plaintiff QuiTam Relator Sharon Anderson also separately assert claims for violations of Sections 11, 12(a)(2) and
    15 of the Securities Act of 1933, 15 U.S.C. §§ 77k, 77l(a)(2) and 77o, and common law
    negligent misrepresentation. These claims are pled separately herein and are based solely on
    strict liability and negligence.
    4. Plaintiff Sharon Scarrella Anderson purchased between 1973 up to and including 2010 various propertys starting with 1058 Summit re:

    5. The Mortgages_Title Insurance and Documents at issue, which were relied upon by
    Plaintiff_QuiTam Relator , represented, among other things, that (i) the loans packaged into the Certificates were
    underwritten pursuant to the Midwest Fed S&L at that time current US Bank specific loan originationPDF]


    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
    mandating Punitative,Compensatory,Tort Damages Scarrella v. Midwest Fed. S&L US76-178 GRand Jury Investigations. In Re Proposed Petition to Recall Mike Hatch, ... The Repugnant Sickley Looking Judge Leitner "Ordering" Sharon to ...

  • Rev. Sharon L. Scarrella Et Al., Appellants, v. Midwest Federal ...

    Sharon L. Scarrella Et Al., Appellants, v. Midwest Federal Savings and Loan Et Al., Appellees., 536 F.2d 1207 (8th Cir. 1976) - Federal Circuits - Docket ...

  • Sharon4MNAG toRemoveLoriSwansonMS609.43

    Oct 22, 2010 ... Swansons Swan Song re: Predatory Lending is 30 yrs old in which Affiant Sharon Scarrella v. Midwest Fed S&L changed the Laws. ...
    guidelines; (ii)
    Defendant Cops_Met Council Heinous violations 42USC 3631 by "takings" of Sharons Drivers License, Cars,Trailers,94Peterbilt, water shutoff to "take" condemn 697 Surrey, evaluated the prospective borrowers’ credit standing and
    repayment ability prior to approving any loan; (iii) when Defendants’ made an
    exception to the stated underwriting guidelines, they did so on “a case-by-case basis” and only to RUIN Sharon's Candidacy 4 MNAG Credit, Commerce, without just compensations.
    if “compensating factors” justifying the exception were present; (iv) almost every Sharons Title's to Cars,Truck,TRailer may have been mortgaged
    property did not receive Court Order Judgments or an independent appraisal which conformed to acceptable standards and
    formed the basis of its loan-to-value (“LTV”) ratio, an important metric to MBS investors; (v)
    Sharons Titles selected for securitization were chosen “in a manner [not] intended to affect the
    interests of QuiTam Relator Sharon Scarrella Anderson aka Peterson_Chergosky adversely”; (vi) the “AAA” or other investment-grade ratings
    assigned to the Anderson were not accurate reflections of the Sharons credit quality; and (vii)
    the Sharon Anderson aka Rose of Sharon Ministry aka Church of Justice Reform aka Anderson+Advocates were maligned to prevent marketable Titles to issuing trusts possessing Disparate Impact to Sharon's title's to the underlying mortgage loans. Each of
    these material representations was false when made, and Defendants knew or recklesslyv

  • culminated in this Gang Strike Force 3 Million historic settlement by Federal Judge Joan Erickson somewhat contrary to her "Dismissal" in the Landlords Suit v. City St. Paul with City Attorney Defendant John Choi now Ramsey Co. Attorney (ii) regulatory actions initiated by
    multiple state attorneys general in the Health Care Reform which Relator Sharon Anderson has now opted out of Medicare_Humana as Sharon has ben denied a Box of FOOD by Please note the 94 Peterbilt is licensed in Ok

    Photograph of Scott Pruitt

    to the website for the Attorney General of Oklahoma. Our office is dedicated to fighting corruption, protecting Oklahoma's vulnerable citizens and advocating excellence in the administration of the law, justice and protecting the interests of the great state of Oklahoma and her citizens. Please check back soon as we will be unveiling a new website in the coming weeks."

    E. Scott Pruitt

    Plaintiff states the following for its Complaint:
    i. Section 150 i of the "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, n P .L. 1 11-148,
    as amended by the "Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 20 i 0," P.L. II 1-152
    (collectively, "the -Act"), contains an individual mandate that, after December 31, 2013, will
    '0 require a majonty of Oklahomans to either purchase health insurance for themselves.
    and their
    . dependants or pay a civil penalty designed to coerce them into such a purchase.mxpBl

    (iii) other fraud actions brought against the Defendants by other Gang Strike Force claimants investors
    and insurers related to the same wrongdoing alleged herein, along with federal securities fraud
    claims brought against Defendants severally, individually and official capacity for its misstatements to the investing public regarding the Titles to Cars, Impounded illegaly, "takings" without "due process" Heinous Reprisals against political candidates for mn ag re: St. Paul Police Impound Lot, Gang Strike Force acting in concort with City,County, Judicial Employees for pecuniary gain and to undermine
    Titles and mortgage loan underwriting standards; and (iv) the enormous number of defaults
    and foreclosures in the underlying mortgages of Cars, Propertys resulting in substantial

    disregarded the falsity of these representations. Plaintiffs relied on the misrepresentations and
    suffered losses as a result.


    Bank of America is used re: "takings" of Bill Dahn's Bus, Homestead at 256 Morton, Witness Sharon when we went to Court with Gang Strike Force Claiment Alice Krengel
    Bank of America v. City St.Paul, MN C7-97-1073

  • Bill Dahn: USDist02-0332(Rosenbaum)(FIAFEA&FIRREA)

    On 9 - 11 - 2001, after Bill Dahn was tossed out of his home,denied "STAR" .... Bill Dahn 1st to VOTE St.Paul PrimaryFri14Aug09 · SEC Sues Bank of America ... - Cached

    Bill Dahn: Affidavit Bill Dahn Illegal Sheriff Sale/Eviction9/11/01-

    Feb 3, 2007 ... Bill Dahn demands Chris Colemans Resignation RICO ... Bill Dahn 1st to VOTE St.Paul PrimaryFri14Aug09 · SEC Sues Bank of America Over ... - Cached - Similar

  • Crimes Against Humanity: Alice Krengel v. Bad Cop Bud Shaver

    Jul 19, 2009 ... Alice Krengel v. Bad Cop Bud Shaver. Click here: 2cityofficials If Bud Shaver W. St.Paul Police Chief lives in Wisc. ... - Cached - Similar

    on these products. On Dec.15, 2010, the MN Federal Court announced an historic settlement of the

    Accordingly, the Titles to Cars,Trailers,Peterbilt,Boats, Realestate, Drivers License no longer marketable at or near the prices QuiTam Relator Sharon Anderson paid for them, have suffered
    major and significant losses.
    Plaintiff Sharon Anderson seek compensatory and/or rescissionary damages against Defendants
    for fraud and negligent misrepresentation and statutory damages under the Securities Act. Deceptive Trade Practices, Marketable Titles and whatever the awards.
    Jurisdiction is proper because Plaintiffs’ ie: Sharon Anderson aka Scarrella aka Peterson soverign citizen of Minnesota, Homegrown Mora_Braham and Lives in St.Paul, MN 55104-0384 with legal Homestead of 1058 Summit Ave. principal places of business are located
    This Court has jurisdiction over each of the non-domiciliary Defendants
    because each of them transacts business within the State of Minnesota within the meaning of
    CPLR § 302(a)(1) and each of them committed a tortious act inside the State of Minnesota or
    outside the State of MInnesota causing injury within the State of Minnesota within the meaning
    of CPLR §§ 302(a)(2) and 302(a)(3). The amount in controversy exceeds $150,000.
    for Sharon Anderson alone.

    This Court has jurisdiction over the subject matter of the federal Securities Act
    claims alleged herein pursuant to Section 22 of the Securities Act, 15 U.S.C. § 77v, which
    provides that “[e]xcept as provided in section 16(c) [15 U.S.C. § 77p(c)] no case arising under
    this title and brought in any State court of competent jurisdiction shall be removed to any court

    as Claimant Sharon Scarrella Anderson by Theft of her Car by Defendants Police Chief at that time , City St. Paul, County Ramsey, John Choi St.Paul City Attorney, now Ramsey Co. Attorney, has placed Sharon in a 2013 Forclosure

    2135167 (N.Y. Sup. July 8, 2009). Similarly, on November 29, 2010, a Pennsylvania state
    court sustained claims brought by the Federal Home Loan Bank of Pittsburgh against
    Countrywide for fraudulent and negligent misrepresentation based on the purchase of five
    Countrywide MBS. FHLB Pittsburgh v. Countrywide Securities Corporation, No. GF09-
    018482 (Court of Common Pleas of Allegheny County, Nov. 29, 2010).
    10. As a result of the Defendants’ failure to follow their underwriting standards and
    guidelines set forth in the Certificates’ Offering Documents, delinquencies and defaults in the
    loan pools underlying the Certificates have skyrocketed. As of December 2010 over 31% of the
    mortgage loans underlying the Certificates are over 30 days delinquent, in foreclosure

    action against the three individuals. Mozilo agreed to pay a $22.5 million penalty, “the SEC’s
    largest ever financial penalty against a public company’s senior executive,” and an additional
    $45 million in disgorgement of ill-gotten gains, for a total of $67.5 million. Sambol and
    Sieracki agreed to pay an additional $5.65 million in penalties and disgorgement.
    7. As a result of the SEC Action, numerous internal Countrywide documents have
    become available that evidence the falsity of the statements in the Certificates’ Offering
    Documents and the Countrywide Defendants’ knowledge or recklessness in making these false


    Crooked Judges.

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