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To Honor Tenants in Common Decedants Bill and Bernice A. Peterson, 2nd Husband Cpl James Anderson.(Korea) PTSD 62cv10-112(Lindman) Quiet Title

Click here: PTSD diagnosis a moving target - Topix

Congratulations to Chris Barden Endorsed Candidate4AG Hope you can take the HEAT Affiant will also File again for State AG in the REpublican Party to force a Primary to expose the Nonfeasance of Lori Swanson

With your expertise Affiants intent is to expose the SCAP Panel Affiants Mother was overdosed with Potassium , 1983 St.Paul Mayoral Candidate died or was "Murdered" exposing the Tax Exempt Dist. Heating.......... unabated by the City,County and State Attorneys.


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    Since: Feb 08

    St. Paul, Minnesota

    Perhaps Endorsed Candidate may expose the Heinous Violations by the Court and SCAP Panel ie: Judge KathleenGearin creating Death,Disability,Disparagment of Tile's Decedant Korea suffered PTSD BIG TIME and if Chris cannot Affiant Sharon4Anderson will also be on the Attorney General Ballot not only to have a Primary to expose the Nonfeasance of Lori Swanson www.****


    Since: Feb 08

    St. Paul, Minnesota

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