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Vote SharonAnderson_MN_AG_Exposing Tax_Election Fraud by Mark Oswald

Sent: 5/31/2010 3:05:11 P.M. Central Daylight Time
Subj: 697 Surrey Taxes Full2010 re: 62cv10-112(Lindman)RICOMarkOswald Director
Ramsey County ServiceFee RC1RR4000093238 1.00 983.37
05/18/2010 Ramsey County RAM CTY TX RC1RR4000093237 406.00 577.37
PIN (Property ID#) Number Street Address City 697Surrey Ave
St. Paul
Memorial Day 31May2010
Sharon with Standing to bring Criminal Charges against Manatron and Mark Oswald Who in a Patterened Enterprise.are embellzing Tax Payments for Pecuniary Gain, Political Influence, to Publish False Tax Records.
Sharon Anderson Candidate for State Attorney General Filed on the 19May2010
with $300.00 Filing Fee, with receipts of Property Taxes paid in Full 2009, Further Evidence the 2008 Property Taxes Paid in Full except Legal Challenge of Fees/Assessments based on Theft of Car,trailer etc.. "taking" HS Credit etc.
Forensic Files and Scribd,Facebook etc.
TO THE ABOVE NAMED: SPECIFICALLY Supervisor of Ramsey Co. Elections/Taxes Mark Oswald et al, Chief Justice Eric Magnuson et al,
Candidate NamePartyWebsiteFile Date
LORI SWANSON Democratic-Farmer-Labor
re: 62cv10-110 (Lindman) 2009 Tax Delinquent payable 2010
COUNT ITheft 609.52 Embezzlement of public funds 609.54
Affiant Sharon Scarrella Anderson aka Peterson by information and belief is charging Mark Oswald in his personal as well as Official Capacity Director Tax/Elections, RamseyCo.
His RICO Pattern of Falsifing Tax Records re: 62cv09-1163 (Vandenorth) Current Payments 62cv10-112(Lindman)
COUNT II Embezzlement and theft 18 USC Chapter 31
Sharon pays Property taxes, online, Because of the Tax Fraud
Sharon Paid $322.00 on April 6th, 2010, techinally with Disabled Homestead Credit, then
on May 18th,2010 Sharon paid $406.00 Total $728.00 with Court Challenge 62cv10-112(Lindman)
PUBLISHED Manatrn Records state $364.Pymt. /17/10
with Oct.2010 pymt $42.00 credit instead of $406.00 Credit.
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Case NumberStyleFiled/Location/Judicial OfficerType/Status
62-CV-10-112Delinquent Real Estate Taxes -2010 (For taxes delinquent 2009)
Ramsey Civil
Lindman, Dale B.
Administrative File
Register of Actions
Case No. 62-CV-10-112
Delinquent Real Estate Taxes -2010 (For taxes delinquent 2009)§
Case Type:Administrative File
Date Filed:01/07/2010
Location:Ramsey Civil
Judicial Officer:Lindman, Dale B.
Party Information
Lead Attorneys
Events & Orders of the Court
01/07/2010 Other Document
02/11/2010 Other Document
04/20/2010 Order for Proceeding In Forma Pauperis (Judicial Officer: Mott, J. Thomas )
04/20/2010 Affidavit for Proceeding In Forma Pauperis
04/20/2010 Answer
04/20/2010 Notice of Case Assignment (Judicial Officer: Lindman, Dale B. )
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697 Surrey Ave
St. Paul
Capital Region W/S
Assessment Date 01-02-2009 01-02-2010
Tax Payable Year 2010 2011

Total Estimated Market Value $59,400 $52,000
Total Taxable Market Value $59,400 $52,000

Total Estimated Land Value $17,400 $14,800
Total Estimated Building Value $42,000 $37,200

Property Tax $496.94
Special Assessments $231.06
Total Property Tax + Special Assessments $728.00

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697 Surrey Ave
St. Paul
Capital Region W/S
Forfeiture Year 2015
First Half Due 05-17-2010
Original Amount Due $364.00
Payments Made $364.00
Balance Due $0.00
Second Half Due 10-15-2010
Original Amount Due $364.00
Payments Made $42.00
Balance Due $322.00

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Sent: 10/26/2009 6:37:21 P.M. Central Daylight TimeSubj: Appeal from 62cv09-1163SharonScarrellaAnderson Quitam RelatorSent: 10/26/2009 5:19:55 P.M. Central Daylight TimeSubj: Appeal 62cv09-1163 Abolish Property Taxes TRANSMIT AND CERTIFY RECORD ON APPEAL WITH IFP SERVICE BY THE SHERIFF This document must be accompanied by 2 copies of a completed statement of the case. IFP Service by Sheriff [...]

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