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MN Judge Armstrong Bad Behavior


Saint Paul, MN

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The Courts Sicken_Scrunity_ is paramount that more Judges hit the Dust before anymore "Bad BEhavior" exists.

Sharon has standing has charged Judge Kathleen Gearin,Gregg Johnson Salvador Rosas, Retired Larry Cohen,Alberto Miero. and more as their interests appear.
NO STATUTE OF LIMIATAIONS ON MURDER OR FRAUD. When these Judges Armstrong et al defraud the public for their pensions,salarys,benefits. We are NOT 2ND CLASS CITIZENS. also the DFL AG has overlooked,misapplied for 40 years re: Criminal Violations of Judges

in thousands of documents alleging Death,Disability,Disparagment of Titles submitted for years to the Board on Judicial Standards public,media etc.

Files downloaded from Sharons Favorite Site Lawmen

Sharon Scarrella Anderson has Standing as Affiant did NOT give permission to Publish In re Scarrella4JUstice 221N@2d562 without Royalitys, or Permission to mislead the Voting Public that the Elective Employment of Judges is DENIED to the Taxpayers. yet we pay the Freight.

The Rail Cars of Armstrong et al are liken to "BuKENWALD" SP

Retired Washington County judge accused of lapses

Armstrong calls state complaints 'shenanigans'

Complaint filed by the Minnesota Board on Judicial Standards against retired Washington County Judge Thomas Armstrong.

Complaint filed by the Minnesota Board on Judicial Standards against retired Washington County Judge Thomas Armstrong.

Retired Washington County District Judge Thomas Armstrong violated several judicial rules and should be disciplined, the Minnesota Board on Judicial Standards says in a complaint filed with the state Supreme Court last week.

Armstrong, who retired this month after 30 years on the bench, called the complaint "political shenanigans" designed to smear him.

The board's allegations against Armstrong:

  • While being investigated for mishandling a case, Armstrong took home the sealed civil case file and gave nonpublic information to someone outside the investigation.

  • Armstrong pulled out of last fall's election at the last minute, knowingly leaving his longtime clerk as the sole candidate on the ballot.

  • He contacted a witness in the board's investigation and tried to influence her testimony.

    But Armstrong said the board's claims were the latest attempt to besmirch his name, according to his 85-page response to the complaint.

    "The board has done everything in its power to harass Judge Armstrong over the last 30 years," starting when he was first elected to the bench in 1980, Armstrong wrote.

    Armstrong, 64, a lifelong Washington County resident, declined to comment Tuesday and instead referred questions to his attorney, Richard Thomas.

    Thomas said the board's allegations were baseless.

    "I think they have acted frivolously here and I think the facts are going to prove that," Thomas said.

    According to its formal complaint, the board

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