Thursday, October 21, 2010

CBardon v. LSwansons_Scandals_MaryJaneDuchene4Mayor

Attorney General Lori Swanson accepts the DFL nomination during the DFL state convention Friday April 23, 2010 at the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center in Duluth, Minn.

Politics: Harsh charges fly in attorney general race

Republican challenger Chris Barden points to "scandals"; incumbent Lori Swanson (above) questions his history. MyVote: Your personal ballot. More on our new Politics page.

Click here: The Daily Digest Capitol View Minnesota Public Radio

Thurs. 21Oct2010 Please forward circulate to assist/advocate the Expose/Scandals in the current AG's Office

The Star Tribune says harsh charges are flying the Attorney General's race.

2010 Other Note to Barden's Olive Branch 4Ballot: Sharon saw Lori's 1st Ad Channel 4 Today at 6am

QUESTION: Has Lori Swanson illegally delegated her Authority re: Scandal of Gang Strike Force to a Private Law Firm 4 Settlement? altho Victims SharonAnderson ,BillDahn ,Alice Krengel have great respect for Lawyers Robert R. Hopper, David M. Cialkowski of Zimmerman reed, P.L.L.P and West St.Paul Mayoral Candidate Mary Jane Duchene and has Lori Swanson used Heinous, Repugnant Reprisals against her opponents Sharon Anderson and Bill Dahn? re: Nuisance Ordinance's unabated by DFL State AG Lori Swanson, costing Taxpayers Millions? to assist the expose of the Mental Health System ie:

Mary Jane Duchene

@MJ4MayorWSP West St. Paul
Anonymous Full 8Cir Wersal4Justice said...

Hey Guys Vote Greg Wersal for Judge
The Courts do as they please The Landlords case may end up in the US Supreme Court for now hear is the Wersal Appeal before the Full 8 Cir Appreciate Jeffs links Jeff is a great researcher.

6:08 PM

Anonymous Judge JoanEricksonGangSTrikeForce said...

It pays to check all cases for "due process" equal treatment including Disparate Treatment

9:21 AM

• West St. Paul Mayoral Candidate, 2004 and 2010

Republican Secretary of State candidate Dan Severson says the concept of church and state "doesn't exist" in the U.S. because the country "is a Christian nation."

MinnPost says Hubbard Broadcasting is also funding efforts to elect "jobs friendly" candidates in the Legislature.

MPR has a look at the Ramsey County Attorney race.

  • $3 million settlement reached in Minnesota gang strike force ...

    Aug 25, 2010 ... Attorneys for victims of the Metro Gang Strike Force say a $3 million settlement has been reached in a federal lawsuit that claimed the ... - Cached
  • Strike Force suit gets settled

    Aug 25, 2010 ... Video: $3M settlement for Metro Gang Strike Force victims ... rogue police force" and an "ugly chapter in Minnesota history. ... - Cached
  • $3 Million Settlement in Metro Gang Strike Force Lawsuit

    Aug 25, 2010 ... Gang Strike Force members announce $3m settlement. ... inconsistent with the standards expected of Minnesota law enforcement officers.” ... - Cached
  • MN Gang Strike Force - Department of Public Safety (DPS) - Similar
  • Settlement Reached In Metro Gang Strike Force Suit -

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