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Minnesota AG Lori Swanson Turns Her Head To Corruption.

Minnesota AG Lor
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Written by Ism
Thursday, 14 October 2010 07:35

It’s time to remind voters – or maybe explain it to them for the first time- why Lori Swanson, our current Attorney General, needs to be defeated in November. In a nutshell, if we truly want to get rid of the corruption in state government, what better place to start than with the highest legal position in the state.

Especially when the dishonesty begins there.

While there’s a multitude of stories about Ms. Swanson and her attempt to “Chicago-ize” Minnesota, none exemplify her role in “legal corruption” as simply as this one….

Remember back to December, 2004… Mike Hatch was the Minnesota AG and Lori Swanson worked alongside Hatch as the Deputy AG/Solicitor General. The American Thinker featured a story about a lawsuit that came out of the Attorney General’s office at that time, one that sued Capital One “for failing to state in its advertisements that it could increase interest rates on credit cards.”

It was a “truth in advertising” case.

A eyebrow-raising settlement requiring Capital One to pay $749,999 was reached in 2006. This settlement should make most of us in Minnesota stand up and take notice.

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