"Hats off to the PioneerPress for once again ignoring my candidacy for Attorney General of Minnesota. Not one reporter in all of Minnesota has had the courage - or intellectual honesty - to ask Lori Swanson if, as I have proven, the state of MN violated MN Statute 3.9221. I will pay the PioneerPress $1,000,000.000 if it can prove me wrong on this.

As well, I have addressed the fact the Federal Government has seized Fee land from the state of MN, and put it into a tax-free Trust. This is absolutely illegal, but again not one reporter will ask Lori Swanson if she believes this is legal. Ms. Swanson should have immediately filed a lawsuit against the Federal Government to halt this illegal seizure.(See 'Fee to Trust' on an internet search). She proclaims to be protecting the people of Minnesota, yet she has ignored the most egregious violations of the law.
And the PioneerPress? All sunshine and butterflies."
KUDOS TO www.twincities.com with 4 Candidates charging Lori Swanson with Serious,Deliberate,Major Crimes while in Office MS609.43, Endorsement is covert, complicity. Proud that Dr. Barden has updated his web site with pdf Forensic Files
Sharon_Bill_Dave must force the Governor to Convene Grand Jury Proceedings for the Public Good. Barden is doing a great Job. Endorsement of Lori must be recinded/vacated.
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Check Barden's pdf files
www.barden4ag.com and Bill Dahn's Grand Jury http://www.angelfire.com/mn3/billdahn/wvotis....
www.theresourceparty.org www.**** www.billdahn.com www.sharonagmn2010.blogspot.com
257 NW.2d, 361
State of Minnesota ex rel. J. J. WILD, M. D., Ph. D., Appellant,
James C. OTIS, Esquire, Respondent.
State of Minnesota ex rel. J. J. WILD, M. D., Ph. D., Appellant,
v. Oscar R KNUTSON, Esq., et al., Respondents.
Nos. 4689S, 46882.
Supreme Court of Minnesota.
Aug. 12, 1977.
Private citizen filed complaint against defendants alleging violation of criminal laws against conspiracy to commit a crime, corruptly influencing a legislator and violation of criminal law against perjury. The District Court, Hennepin and Ramsey Counties, Allen Oleisky, and Sidney P. Abramson, JJ., dismissed complaints, and private citizen appealed. The Supreme Court Sheran, C. J., hold that private citizen could not commence and maintain private prosecution for alleged violations of criminal law.